Forts In India


Tiracol Fort(Pernem )-Built by the Marathas, it was conquered by the Portoguese in 1746, who later built a chapel dedicated to St. Anthony inside the Fort.

Alcorna Fort (Pernem ) –Also build by th Marathas, this fort was conquered in 1746 by Marquis of Castelo Novo, later known as Marquis of Alorna.

Chapora Fort-(Bardez )- Built in 1617, it was besieged twice by Shivaji's son, Sambaji, in 1683 and Bhounsule in 1739, and occupied by the Portuguese in 1741.

Aguada Fort(Bardez)- This fortress covers the peninsula of this name. Its construction began in 1604 and it was completed in 1612. Built to hold a series batteries, which allowed two hundred guns to work at a time for the defence of the coast, it has a circular lighthouse tower, 42 feet in height. In recent times, it was used by the Portuguese to house political prisoners who fought for liberation.

Fortress of Reis Maos (Bardez )-Situate in the extreme south of Bardez, it was build by the Viceroy of D. Afonso de Noronha (1551-1554). At present, it serves as a central jail. The village of Reis magos, where the Fort is situated, is a historic landmark full of traditional significance. It was here that the colourful ceremony of the former Portuguese Viceroys assuming office was enacted. The building where the former Viceroys resided was a two storied edifice, attached to the Church and constituting a little palace with several spacious and well-ventilated rooms and four stairways made of black stone. Only a small portion is left of the old construction, this being the parish house.

Cabo Fort ( Goa Taluka )-The construction of the fort began in 1540, later in 1802 it was occupied by the British, and a British cemetery of the time of the occupation still exists near it. Orginally a Franciscan convent, attached to the fort and dedicated to our Lady of Cabo, the Cabo palace was constructed with the help of Viceroy, Mathias de Albouquerque in 1594. After the extinction of the ‘Franciscan Order', the convent suffered great changes, and was converted into the residential palace for Governors about a hundred years ago. Today it is called the “Raj Bhavan and is the official residence of the Governor of Goa.

Anjediv Fort : Off the coast of Karwar in the island of the same name, this fort was built to house Portuguese soldiers. It was around this island the battle of liberation began in December 1961. This fort is situated on a great beach in Goa.

Cabo de Rama Fort ( CanaconaFort)-Situated in the promontory of the same name, it was built by King of Sundem. The Portuguese conquered it in 1763